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Death Bringer Ch1
Death Bringer Ch1
 I am led by the Keepers to the Cage, where I will fight. I look at the woman inside.
 Her head has been shaved, like most of the woman, her brown eyes are dull, but she eats well. She's strong, dangerous. I'll have to be careful. She has lost all hope. She's lost four fights now, she'll be on the Runner soon.
 I step into the cage and the gong rings out.
 The bloodthirsty crowd roars.
 I look up at Ripper, my crow. In all of my fights, he always sits near the top of the tower. The Ring Master hasn't been able to sell that box of seats.
 Then, my gaze wanders to the Ring Master. He's sickly looking, real fat too. His hair is in a comb-over. Even without the disgusting appearance, he still makes me sick.
 I look at my opponent. Her eyes are wide, she knows she's not gonna make it.
 The starting bell echoes around us.
 She lunges at me. She punches and kicks. She grows tired easily.
 I deftly dodge her attempts and throw in precise hits to her pressure points.
 The figh
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Death Bringer
Death Bringer
 A girl around the age of fourteen was dragged into the old, dingy building. Two large men held the small girl by her shoulders, roughly pushing her to a large desk.
 A short, pudgey man stood up from behind the desk and looked the girl over, "Is she any good?"
 "Only one way to be sure." the man on her left said.
 The girl was dragged through a door and led onto a large platform. The girl gulped, she knew what happened in this arena.
 Cage fighting.
 She watched two men down in the large cage. They punched eachother until the other couldn't get up, he was admitting defeat.
 "You see, child, this is the fifth fight he's lost. You know what that means, don't you?" the short man said leaning closer to her.
 That meant the loser had to face the bloodlusting crowd. They would tear him limb from limb, there would be nothing left of him.
 The man was pulled to his feet by the Keepers and dragged to a stretch of ground called the Runn
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Facts about myself:
1. I live in the US
2. Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy.
3. I'm not a very social person.
4. I don't talk a lot.
5. I'm the youngest of three.
6. My favorite color is blue.
7. I'm a bookworm.
8. I love to write.
9. I can make any situation awkward.
10. My favorite animal is a wolf (in case you couldn't tell from my favorites).
11. My favorite food is chicken.
12. My favorite show is NCIS.
13. I love the series Bloodlines.
14. My favorite Disney movie is Lion King.
15. My favorite movie is The A-Team.
16. I like country music, pop music, and "emo" music- even though it's not emo at all.
17. I have brown hair and blue eyes.
18. I'm not always the nicest person.
19. My imagination is a little dark at times.
20. I don't like being cold.
Facts over.
So, it's back to school for me! Anyways, my drawing skills still suck, I think I got worse. So, I'm apologizing now for my terrible drawing and I probably won't upload anything.
Honestly, I don't know why I'm writing this. I know no one's actually going to read it. So, yeah. Even if I, for some demented reason, got a watcher, I highly doubt that they'd read my journal entry.
If for some reason some is reading this, thanks. I think.
Anyways, I'm gonna stop now or I'll end up rambling. See, I'm already starting to ramble. By people of Deviantart.
           - Girl with problems A.K.A. wolfgirlcauthen


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